About Us

At Star Electroplating Works, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer industry-best electroplating services to fit any needs. From brass to copper, nickel, chrome and zinc plating. We provide a single-source solution to all of your metal plating needs. However, we’re also dedicated to helping our clients understand the electroplating process to ensure you know exactly what you’re going to receive.

Our Story

Since 1995

Our goals

As we often tell our team, “If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.” Companies that do not continuously strive to improve their products and services and stay ahead of the technological curve are usually surpassed by their more ambitious, forward-thinking competitors and tend to fall by the wayside.

Here at Star Electroplating, we attribute much of our long-term success to our willingness to keep a close eye on the future. Since our founding in 1995, continuous improvement and innovation have served as essential components of our business model. This has enabled us to achieve and maintain our status as one of the top metal finishing companies in our industry.

Our Culture

While Star Electroplating has been in business since 1995, it has been within the past 10 years that our metal finishing company has experienced its most significant transformation. We attribute much of our success in making the transition from a traditional electroplating shop to a specialty metal finishing operation to the rapid development of our organizational culture.

This has enabled us to become versatile surface treatment experts who can offer a wide variety of highly specialized, technologically advanced metal finishing solutions across a broad spectrum of industries.

At first glance, it may seem that all metal finishing companies are pretty much alike. But once you take a closer look at what Star Electroplating has to offer, you will quickly realize we’re much different than other companies in our industry. We’re an innovative full-service electroplating company that goes far above the status quo to provide cutting-edge solutions that are less capable competitors cannot replicate.

What sets us apart



Some of our competitors that claim to be “full-service” finishing companies are really nothing more than metal platers. At Star Electroplating, we view ourselves as accomplished surface treatment experts. We have the ability to prepare the product as well as a coat or finish the parts. This unique expertise enables us to effectively execute highly specialized plating techniques that are beyond the scope of most of our competitors

Innovation has been a Star Electroplating hallmark since the founding of our company back in 1985 by Ray Franklin. Marius Kotze took over Ray Franklin in 1995 when Ray went on pension. Our unwavering commitment to keeping abreast of the evolution of metal finishing technology has helped us remain ahead of the curve in terms of process development, while most of the competition lags far behind.

The Quality of Our Staff Also Makes Us Different.

While Star Electroplating continues to be a family-owned company, it is the caliber of our employees that has sustained our success for more than 22 years. We will continue to hire the best, achieving our goal of total customer satisfaction. We also provide our current employees with opportunities to further their education so they can enhance their careers and improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. We make every effort to give our employees a true appreciation for what they can gain by working at our full-service plating company.


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